In Yalikavak we present high quality programs to sportsmen to suceed!

We developed special programs for our trainers who are expert in their areas and for sailors who wants to move their sailing performance to next level. Our performance programs offer best opportunities to the sailors on the purpose of improving themselves in their new boat class or increasing their self confidence in race course.


Sailing changed a lot like life itself in last ten years. Compared to past life is quicker, time is less and every hour on sea is very valuable. In this new order sailors who are racing in performance classes must manage their sailing lives very well.


Our aim in the programs is not limited to improve sailing abilities. Our philosophy under our programs is, behind to bring sportsmen specific skills, to teach how to improve themselves and to start a learning process which would extend in their career.


Our philosophy is also alike a philosophy of an university which encourages sportsmen to take responsibility for improving themselves and to use trainer as a facilitator.


Sportmen enjoy learning by reaching their goals. In this direction their view of life changes.They begin to reach somethings seem impossible for them so this is the phase in which the aim of learning is fully understood in its real meaning.


Because the human has all in the mind, gets stressed and gets desperate if he/she doesn’t know. By learning they understand their concerns are unnecessary and they are sorry for not taking a step.


For this purpose, investing in a well designed program is a rapid and effective way to achieve big earnings in the sea.

Our Services:

  • Special training programs for persons
  • Camps for groups ,
  • Common camps for club teams
  • Camp center service
  • Logistic solutions


Design of the Program:

Our approach is installed on a sailing session which is adapted and customized for areas required to be improved. Duration of our programs is individually determined for purpose. As a preparation we review your strong and weak aspects and work with you to develop a training program.


Structure of Program:

  • Analysis of technical ability and target setting
  • Briefing before session
  • Coaching in water + video
  • Theory works
  • Feedback and planning next step


Sailing course:

Sheltered location of Yalikavak bay present an unique opportunity for choosing preferred conditions for sailing. Inside the bay may be waveless or wavy. according to eye of the wind. This offers a big opportunity to experience the effect of the wing according to landforms. On outside the bay which you can arrive in a short time it’s possible to experience huge waves with open sea wind and all conditions with open sea breeze.


Sailing rate:

In wonderful weather: 100%

In recent years we achieve 100% sailing rate and this means we didn’t lose our training days because of no wind or high wind. With local breezes and protection opportunity offered by Yalikavak bay we always have a course for sailing! Temperature is between12 and 14 degree in winter and 24-35 degree in summer. This makes Yalikavak a comfortable location for sailing. No need for Dry Suit.



Our Facility:

Yalikavak Sailing club offers various opportunities with its training camps, races or to be a headquarter for long term projects with its uniqüe location.

  • Dressing rooms
  • Wharf with 20m length
  • Coastline with 400m length
  • Land parking area for 100 boats
  • Training hall for 30 people
  • 200 m2 closed boathouse
  • Cafe for the sportsmen, trainers, members and guests



There are number of high quality and economical places around the club for accommodation.For all activities in our club we as Yalikavak Sailing club give support to all participants for accommodation and logistic.


Charter possibilities:

There are various charter possibilities with our wide and new sailboat fleet and trainer boats. Please contact us for special services to program.


We ensure finest quality racing ambiance for racers from all levels!

When sailors begin to sail around buoys, competition shows up naturally. All sailor wants to test their skills to evaluate fruitness of trainings and very valuable labors they got.


Only way to do this is to experience a quality racing ambiance which has same conditions are ensured as targeted races.


As Yalikavak Sailing Club we successfully realized number of races from city races to national races. We work to bring forward our experiences of organizing races by investments to human resource and equipment.


Besides regular races we currently organize in Mugla Yalikavak Sailing Club is the right address for national, international and private races.


In our technical staff there are most experienced names who were in charge as race responsible in most important activities like both keelboat and centerboard classes in last 20 years of Turkish sailing.


We proceed to our targets of realizing worldwide organizations with the power of our experience and knowledge in maritime sector in which human resource and knowledge are so important.


We realize our racing management organizations according to following principles.

1. A fair race ambience

Sailing races must be performed by a fair management. Regardless of who maybe a racer, a member of race management team or a volunteer who support in land, all participants should feel fair and equal behaviors.


2. A competitive race ambience

Sportive activities must be realized in a level of difficulty which forces racers by considering their level to improve themselves. Improvement would be less if races are made under physical and technical capacities of participant group.


3. Repeated processes

Main factor of quality organization structure is having well planned, repeatedly tested and routinely applied processes. Definite process and procedure must be followed by Race Committee to serve always in same quality standards.


4. Dynamic deciding

Organization must be prepared to new circumstances and to respond immediately to offer high quality service to the racers by considering unexpected changes of physical conditions and weather conditions, and possibility of racers may not be pleased from planned application.


5. Sensitive timing

Out of extraordinary cases declared timings including all activities, briefings, hour of sailing, start time and race duration are according to rules.


6. Learning with experience

Organization must review and evaluate all applications during and after races, take lessons that may be learned and determine and put into practice any improvement as soon as possible.


7. Self-improvement

Skills and experiences of all attendants in all levels of organization must be evaluated by measurable methods. Continuously filling the blanks of this point must be searched actively.


Wind does not blow to “me” but blows to “us”.

Tomorrow will be a very beautiful day. Your colleague, who you saw while buying only a coffee yesterday, is at steer today. A person who realize baffling wind and warn all of you is familiar from workplace that working two upstairs and not knowing by name. Genoa is at the other one who you don’t speak except from “good morning”. You share same table with one who ties best knots blindingly but you did not see except work. Today is different. Today is the day you find out that you are a member of perfect team which try to achieve in same sailboat not in same company. Forget the metaphors. Because only the truths make you “we”. And after becoming “we” tomorrow would be very good.


You welcome to Yalikavak Sailing Club the most exciting business meeting of the world. You will focus a real team work in adventurous and tough ambiance and throw everything in your mind to the wind.


We present you numerous different programs from corporate training programs to corporate sailing races which you understand to be a team really by using unique features of sailing designed to your team privately.


We invite you much better adventure than watching a powerpoint presentation.


Our programs don’t need any previous sailing experience. If you didn’t sail before, you will surprise to see everything is so easy. You will have a hobby which becomes a part of your life with trainings given in sea by our experienced personnel.


Our activity coordinators will organize every details such as travel, accommodation, eat, entertainment and branding for you. We will forming your experience according to your needs, your requests and your budget. No matter if you didn’t take a step to a sailboat or you are an experiences sailor.


For an unforgettable corporate activity leave the office behind and sail with us..


Do you want everlasting holiday?
For example a whole life...

Everyone go to holiday. Rest. Sunbath. Suntan, More suntan. Eat, drink, stay out. Find out beauties. Mix into nature. More rest. More sunbath. But then the holiday ends as usual. All happenings are left behind and known by heart life resumes. Okay, what do you think if we say there is an alternative? If we offer you everlasting holiday?


We bring in something new in Turkey by designing programs special for groups and totally to your requirements.


You are in the right place if you wish to spent your holiday with adventures and activities which compel your mind and body.


Time is very valuable. People look for the ways of self development even during their holidays. Holiday programs donated with various sports in sport tourism have been realizing by years in the world.


These programs also named as multi activity are made with the aim of conversion your holiday to learning / having fun process for your body and mind.


If you don’t have time for numbers of sports you want to play like biking, paddleboarding, learning sailing or canoeing why don’t you play all of them?


If you like to have holidays actively, you can see yourself while paddling in coastline, biking in silent countryside or learning sailing with your family, unique experiences and memories lasting for a whole life.


For this program to which everyone in every physical features and in every age could be participate, we supply all equipment you need. If you want to have an unforgettable holiday by sharing learning and having fun with your family or friends please contact with us to prepare your program together.


All you have to do is to ensure your adventurous soul falling into step!