Sail to success in Yalikavak Sailing Club!

Yalikavak Sailing Club continue its works in order to the target of growing new generation, talented, enthusiastic and hardworking racers which is its main mission.


Our performance development model was designed to encourage lifelong sailing in race and out of race and to ensure a way to improve skill for all sailors.


Yalikavak Sailing Club recommends sailors to experience different boat types and sailing disciplines. Young sailors better prepare to improve their performances on new sailboats in future by gain experience and build trust on various boat types. Skills gained in early ages are basis of lifelong safe, funny and successful sailing.


First step took for racing is a point that a passion continues lifelong was borned and it’s only a beginning.

Our trainers inform the participants, who loves sailing and wants to be a sailor, how to follow a way for being a licensed sailor.


After completion of summer course programs, fall and winter programs would begin. We have improvement programs for our racing teams and sportsmen who successfully complete summer course and wants to proceed with sailing. With these programs they can sail as a member of team in whole year.


Fall – winter programs of 8 months begin in October every year between 10:00-16:00. Also additional trainings are planned considering school holidays.


Athletes pass next level teams after their skill levels improve and proceed with the way to national team.

In Yalikavak Sailing Club, as a result of evaluation between A team and B team there may be sportsmen who would rise from B to A as well as who would fall from A to B. So continuous competition atmosphere is created and performances of sportsmen are kept in peak.


Our A team sportsmen attend city and national races.


Our B team sportsmen attend city races if they are competent.


Growing sportsmen who could represent Yalikavak Sailing Club in Turkey and international seas is our target. Our Club would be best guide to sportsmen whose biggest dream is to participate national teams. It was so in past and would be so in future.


Additionally, our trainers make necessary guidance and consultancy for non-residents to continue sailing in the centers of their own cities.