Three words: Different – Equipped – Disciplined

In sailing, periods are fall behind in which to put somethings in center of success such as knowing sea and nature, technique, strategy and tactic skills make a big difference and form is a little part of this mixture.


Now sailing racers must be sport professionals to manage their careers in all levels both in sea and land.


Nowadays it seems impossible for sailors to be successful who can not manage their careers in various areas such as budgeting, brand management, physical performance, nutrition, technology, sponsorship, following literature and time management.


Sailing is hard physically and mentally. During the race tons of data must be added and locate in a pyramid to manage all. Hardworking is needed for making perfect the sailing a boat, boat speed and condition. Next step is equipment: Boat, suits and more.


On top there is weather condition which is big variance: Wind, tide, streams, clouds.


All these points, the racers must be done and managed, improve sportive performance and also prepare them for the life after sport in best way.


As Yalikavak Sailing Club we believe that a racer who carry his/her performance to international level can succeed everything!


In last 10 years there would be a revolution in Turkey in view of recognizing features of sailors which differs them from other sportsmen. These features of sailors were recognized by academic corporates in business life. Many advantages appeared for performance sailors.


We can sort them as follows:

Scholarship possibilities in private schools

There are almost full scholarships possibilities in private schools beginning from sportsmen who have medals in national races to sportsmen who participated to international races or have medals. Especially in 2020 with scholarship program made real by Ministry od Youth and Sports for successful sportsmen there are many academically successful school in the country which give scholarship supports to sportsmen.

Scholarship possibilities in abroad

As sailors who are successful in American college system get huge supports, many Turkish sailors continue their academic lives in abroad universities by taking scholarship even their performance are not so high.

Sponsorship possibility

Sailing is a clear and positive sport includes keeping environment, innovativeness and sportsmanship and it is the best option for companies which require these values. Images described by various popular sports is not an image that companies want to associate with their brand image. Sailing offers unique opportunities to corporations which have same vision as sailing presents. In this context sailing racers, no matter their levels, can find a sponsor with only their visions because companies support without looking feedbacks in media when sailing is the subject.

Financial support possibilities

In close term, various governmental and private institutions made real financial support programms for successful sportsmen. Different financial support packages were made real for international participant or medalled sportsmen according to boat class they raced and races they participate. Many sailling sportsmen now take advantages of these supports.

Successful sportsmen awards

Successful sportsmen can make savings for their future and take back their investment to sport with financial supports that given to sportsmen who were successful in international races by Ministry of Youth and Sports. Many sailing sportsmen take advantages of this award system which is very satisfactory in especially olympic disciplines.

Differentiation in business life

Nowadays during a job application, from two candidates graduated from same school with same academic success grade, sailor is chosen. Corporates recognized benefits of sailing in every area of life and they make decision of staff in the lights of these values. Additionally, staff with sailing past take leader role in corporate sailing teams and contribute their career.