Better world with more sailing!

Sailing began to draw interest gradually from private sector, non-governmental and governmental organizations and especially from youngsters in our country and in the world.


We should use the power of sailing more effectively to realise personal and social targets, to contribute national and international development and to reach a better world.


We are in a such era that the brands must be more conscious of sport’s convertor power to get social benefit and its contribution to humanistic progress.


Especially ‘Grassroots Sport’ is one of most important way to make social difference and benefit.


Importance of cooperations with private sector and government to invest in Grassroots is highlighted frequently.


In sports area, creative cooperations of sports and civil society are important solutions of ‘othering’ which menaces both our country and the world in recent years.


‘Othering’ issue which menaces communities seems to include especially immigrants and refugees. However, it also includes some groups like disadventageous and disabled people who should be paid special attention.

Brand cooperations in sports area are very valuable to ensure minorities take place in social inclusion, to create awareness of both majorities and minorities can do for each other.


Minorities can asist to ensure social integration effectively by taking various roles inot only as participant but also as trainer, volunteer, manager, etc. in these programs.


Also brands will have to be in these issues sooner or later to promote their business and gain social benefit.


In this direction, opportunity to create the difference in lives of people is standing exactly to us with unique features of sailing.


We are ready to cooperate with brands for actions to be taken in very wide perspective such as giving experience to large masses in sailing, to be a solution for qualified staff demand in naval sector.


Sport, regardless the branch, is a valuable culture flag which imposes fellowship and sympathy to wide masses.


Hope to sail a more beautiful future…

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