Are you ready to use the wings you need to fly?

Get ready for a new generation of sailing experience that is faster and more exciting.


You can start Wing Foil training at any time with the experience and instructor staff of Yalıkavak Yelken Kulup.  Get ready for a new adventure that will change your life! 


Our trainings are planned in Private Lesson format, on the day and time you want, with a reservation in advance.  You can start with the 10-hour Basic Training Package or attend a single lesson introductory session. Those with a prior background in sailing and/or windsurfing will have faster progress.  


  • Knowing how to swim,
  • To be 13 years of age or older,
  • Having a body mass index below 27,

Anyone can participate in the trainings with the conditions.


The forms, which you can access by clicking on the links below, must be filled out and delivered to us with wet signature during registration. Registration is finalized upon completion of the payment process. Please contact us for training fee information and related forms.

IMPORTANT: When you fill out our online registration form, your information reaches our club. In addition, the printout of the registration form should be sent to us together with the DECLARATION FORM ABOUT KNOWING SWIM and TURKISH SAILING FEDERATION COMMITMENT FORM, with wet signature, during registration. After you fill out the registration form digitally, you can download it as a PDF.