Let's help more people to find out sailing together!

Yalikavak Sailing Club works to contribute Turkish sailing from its establishment date.


We know our sport would improve in case a sailor, an activity or a team is successful.


We believe success of all partners of sailing industry and our racers contribute to the others.


We made a big contribution to Turkish sailing by supporting sailors in Bodrum and other cities.


We want you to be sure that your support to our mission would affect directly Turkish sailing and give important contribution.

Yalikavak and Sailing

Yalikavak is very important tourism town nowadays. It becomes prominent with its windmills, beautiful bays, sunsets and touristic places that open recent years. Yalikavak Sailing Club serves with success to the people who live in Yalikavak or who has summerhouse in Yalikavak. Yalikavak is increase in value by opening of Yalikavak marina and became a place in which most high-incomed people may live. Besides Yalikavak, people from all Bodrum participate to our club due to positive echoes on our high quality services. In this sense Yalikavak Sailing Club has a high brand value.

About Sailing Sport

Sailing is one of the sectors that rapidly grows in sport sponsorship market. Sailing as a sport branch is a sport discipline with high comeback in view of both brand benefits and investment profit. Sponsorship ensures directly reaching to well educated, wealthy and efficient people who are highly committed brands which share messages of sailing sport and passion.


It is proven that investment income of sailing sponsorship is effective. Because it ensures reaching to a valuable sailing-race mass which is difficult with traditional advertising.

Sailing and Sustainability

Since sailing can be made with the power of wind, first of all environmental sustainability must be kept by sailors who have big duties on keeping environment. Sailors take important charge in keeping our seas and nature.” World Sailing 2030 Sustainability Agenda” presents a bold target to get an important difference for actively contributing to global sustainability to the sport. In the world in which more people fall in love with sailing day by day, we all try to keep waters of the world by inspiring from unique relationship of sport, technology and nature.


World Sailing made a study to lead sustainability via determining requirement of host places and operation plans. In direction of this program we manage a solid approach for sustainability by focusing all operations, social activities and racing places of Yalikavak Sailing Club by determining standards and targets with best implementations.

Positive Brand Cooperation

Sailing is a clear and positive sport includes keeping environment, innovativeness and sportsmanship and it is the best option for companies which require these values. Images described by various sports is not an image that companies want to associate with their brand image. Sailing offers unique opportunities to corporations which have same vision as sailing presents.


These values are the followings:

  • Team working and reliance
  • Competition and Performance
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Environmental Commitment
  • Heritage and Tradition
  • Sportsmanship and Respect
  • Power and Durability
  • Strategy and Patience
  • Responsibility and Ethic values

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