Discover Yalıkavak bay in the sea with rowing.


  • With the high motivation and dynamism of rowing, it is possible to do sports and have fun either individually or in a group.
  • We are waiting for you to meet our club this summer to meet the sport of rowing, which helps to adapt within the team by helping coordination and technical skills.

Benefits of rowing

  • With rowing, it primarily develops our leg, back and arm muscles, while helping all muscles in the body to work with correct coordination,
  • While rowing contributes to muscle development, it also helps the existing muscles to strengthen and achieve a tighter form,
  • It is a very good developmental sport in both muscle development and cardio,
  • By staying mentally in the moment, it allows you to get rid of many external stressors,
  • Supports spiritual development and repairs while mentally in the moment,
  • It contributes to team spirit and teamwork as it provides a very fast adaptation and adaptation,


  • Rentals and lessons are held every day of the week, between 08:00 and 20:00, on the days and times you will determine with a reservation in advance.
  • When the wind speed is 8 knots or more, rowing activities cannot be done for safety reasons, you will be notified at least 1 hour in advance of the postponement of your reservation due to wind and weather conditions. (Although there are exceptional days, the wind speed continues to increase after 11.00 in the summer months in Yalıkavak Bay. It is recommended to choose the early hours as much as possible)
  • In order to benefit from rowing rental packages, first of all, the basic training package must be purchased and the competence to rent must be decided by our instructors.
  • Check-out times for tutoring and paddle rentals 50 minutes.
  • Participants aged 18 and under cannot rent/teach without parental permission. The minimum age of participation is 14 years.
  • Knowledge of swimming is a must for participation; A form stating that you know how to swim, that you will comply with the specified sightseeing course and that you do not have a health disability must be signed.
  • It is recommended that you bring spare dry clothes with you.


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Please contact us for training fee information and related forms.