Are you ready to discover Yalikavak from the sea?

Sea is a highway to adventure. You can go on this adventure with a canoe and discover unique beauties of Yalikavak from the sea. Moreover with sport.


If you like exercising in open air, are not fan of boring sport halls and want to try totally different thing to keep your form, canoeing is wonderful way.


Canoeing addresses all age and vitality level. You can sail by yourself or your friends.


You can race with your friends by canoeing in competitive level or you can try it only for fun.


Canoeing is low affected activity to increase power, flexibility and aerobic vitality. Even paddling in slowest tempo isa good exercise.


You can do canoeing in Yalikavak Sailing Club and do necessary activate to keep your health with enjoying nature and sea.

Program conditions:
  • Hiring is done every day between 09:00-16:00 with reservation in advance.
  • If speed of wind is 6 knots or over, paddleboarding hiring does not realized because of safety.
  • Information of postpone of your hiring that made because of wind and weather conditions are advised to participant at least before 1 hours.
  • Generally in Yalikavak bay, wind increasingly continues from morning hours of summer days so you should choose early hours as far as possible.
  • Session duration is 1 hour min. and 2 hours max.
  • Life jacket is supplied by our club and its usage is mandatory.
  • Children and youngsters under age of 18 only can hire with their parents.
  • Knowing how to swim is essential. A form prepared to state that you know swimming, you wear life jacket and you comform to tour course must be signed before session as well as health declaration.
  • It is recommended you to bring spare dry apparel.
  • Hiring price must be paid as cash or with bank transfer before the session.
  • Credit card is not valid.

Please contact us for price information and any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of canoeing?

1. It increases your condition level.

By Low loading activities like canoeing ensures power, flexibility, cardiovascular vitality and increasing in muscle power. Especially when do this activity for long times, this is very effective and causes general improvement for your condition level.


2. It decreases abrasion and corrosion risks of your articulars.

Again because of low loading it reduces risks of abrasion and corrosion in your articulars which are caused by running activity, etc. so you have healthy articulars. Beyond being of a hobby, canoeing is a wonderful sport which you can do in older ages especially if you have lower body woundings.


3. It sweetens up your soul

Canoeing don’t only sweetens up your physical health but also your soul. There are many scientific works which are proved this benefit. Some investigations shows that after 12 weeks in a canoeing program reliance, eigenvalue and competence feeling of participants are increased. Also participants feel better about their physical appearance.


4.It activates core area

Balance need together with need of turning your body while paddling ensures increase in core strength naturally. It helps to develop your upper body strength and core strength. Having a good core strength ensures you paddle more fitfully and helps to keep balance of the boat.


5. It helps weight loss

Canoeing is a useful and funny way of losing undesired weight. When doing with a definite tempo, it is the very easy way to burn calorie.

Please contact us for planning longtime works, price information and all questions you may have.