Sailing can change the life of a child. It teaches life skills to child’s such as flexibility, freedom, deciding, self reliance and discipline. Also it teaches importance of observance of rules, respect, team work, honesty, comprehensiveness and taking care of environment.


We have acquainted thousands of child’s and youngsters with sailing from establishment of our club. Each of them has had an experience which effects their whole lives and completed our programs with unique memories and they are sailing for medals.


Our aims are not only settled on winning medal. Our first target is to raise youngsters equipped with dynamics of sailing. As a result of raising with this tradition youngsters are endowed with to achieve all works they began in other areas of their lives, hardworking, disciplined and intellectually advanced.


We believe the medals would come naturally…

Sailing School

The Wind Is Calling You,
Do You Hear?

Do you want to learn to sail, feel the wind?

Yalıkavak Sailing Club is the right address for you. You will learn sailing from the most experienced instructors in Turkey. 

Get ready to open up to a blue world!

Windsurf School

When you start windsurfing, everything will change rapidly in your life..

Here is your invitation to experience the taste of the sea, the beat of nature, the feeling of happiness that comes with the wind, to experience success with the instructors who dedicate their lives to windsurfing, in short, to get to know a lifestyle rather than starting a sport.
We are waiting for you at Yalıkavak Sailing Club for all these and more.

Sea Activities

The Sea is a Highway to Adventure!

At Yalıkavak Sailing Club, you can do paddle surfing (SUP), embark on an adventure by jumping in a canoe, and do the necessary exercise to stay healthy while enjoying nature and the sea. If you love to train outdoor, bored of gyms and want to try something completely different to stay fit, SUP and Canoe are great tools for exercising.


The Route to Success in the Race Is Not a Straight Line

It is said that the shortest path between two points is a straight line. However, setting a course in the race depends on many variables that are out of control. To the wind, the waves and the current. Such irresistible forces can only be resisted by an unwavering will, a great experience and a keen analytical ability. If you have this determination to reach your goal, the best club and coaching service for you is at Yalıkavak Sailing Club. Because this road is never straight.


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  • The TYF Stars Cup races, which are included in the 2022 Activity Program of the Turkish Sailing Federation, hosted by the B. B. Bodrumspor Club Sailing Branch and are the last leg of the 2022 National Team Selection, have concluded. Our Club has succeeded in......

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