PRIVATE LESSON Registration Form 2024




    1. I request the registration of the trainee whose identity information is given above (until I request his/her resignation as the parent of his/her registration) to Yalıkavak Sailing Club Sailing Course during the dates mentioned above.

    2. The trainee, whose parent I am, knows how to swim, although he is obliged to wear his life jacket without exception during activities at sea, he participates in the activities according to our desire, awareness and preference, that I have been adequately informed about the subject before the activities begin, that there is no obstacle regarding his general health status as of the registration date. I declare.

    3. Under these declarations; Since the trainee is suitable for sports and this issue has been encouraged and confirmed by me, during the sailing activities that are part of an nature sport that includes technical teachings, any accident that may occur on land or at sea, and any negative situation that may arise as a result of this, Yalıkavak Sailing Club. I accept, declare and undertake in advance and irrevocably that I will not hold the company and its officials responsible.

    4. Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, I allow your trainee, whose name is stated on this form, of which I am the parent, to be in the photos taken during the activities and to share the photos and videos on social media.

    5. In case of an emergency, I give permission for the treatment of the trainee whose name is stated on this form, of which I am a parent, to be given first aid by the club officials when necessary, and to transport him to the hospital in a serious situation.